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go to the regional radar first and then we will show you doppler. this thing is spinning up the coast an i'm going to make it spin up the coast here and show you the heavy bands coming on right now. you can really see the action as we put this in motion one more time this morning. we are watching the storm system which is continuing to track to the east of due north. you can see the bands. we will widen out and you can see the bands spinning out there with the storm itself. not seeing the east side of the storm because it is out of radar range but raining east of the center circulation as well and i know it looks like some rain is close to us but not here in the metro. on live doppler 9000 hd, this is where we are seeing the light rains across the northern neck, reedville, tappahannock, newland, st. mary's city seeing light sprinkles. the charity golf tournament at swan point will be okay. this will not be a problem for
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you but for the area beaches we are looking at tropical storm warnings and winds potentially 45 at ocean city, 35 to 40 at rijo both as this is far enough off shore to give a glancing blow from the hurricane. let's talk about the temperatures. temperatures have stayed up. in the 70s almost everywhere. culpeper at 70. we are 78. air quality is code yellow. mostly cloudy and 88 at noon. 87 for the drive home. around 90, which is cooler than the last few days and a slight chance of a shower with a front this evening. the weekend forecast is coming up in ten minutes. right now it is traffic time. good morning, everybody. right now already dealing with the first accident of the morning and it comes from virginia. southbound 95. watch for it at backlick road. we are losing two left lanes going northbound you are okay.
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continuing on to 3 t 5 northbound, everything is nice and clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. we are tracking 66 eastbound. no problems to report out this way through mass transit to inside this -- manassas to the beltway. north of the district from georgia avenue, continuing in to virginia crossing the american legion bridge and wrapping up with southbound 95 an the bw parkway, smooth sailing for those traveling out of the baltimore area past 198 toward powder mill and beyond. hurricane earl is heading up the east coast. right now it is a category two storm an it is situated off the coast of north carolina and carrying winds as high as 105 miles an hour. the national weather service says it produced a small storm surge an minor flooding. much of the east coast is expected to endure 28 hours of
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stormy windy weather as earl swirls north. it is expected to stay away from new jersey and other mid- atlantic states but passing close to nantucket and keep cod. scott broom is in ocean city, maryland but we begin with bruce leshan. >> we have at virginia beach standing between two hotels, the berkeley towers and the spring hill suites. if you stand in this wind tunnel the ocean is back there it looks significant. we have the wind gauge up and you can see it is 28-point -- 26.2 miles an hour for the biggest gusts we are seeing here but little rain. i stuck a glass out here about a half hour ago and there's just a little credible of water in there.
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not much at all. if you walk to atlantic avenue, we can see that so far here in virginia beach, earl is no king. he is no prince. he's not even a duke. at this point he seems he's a bit of a pauper. come out and look at atlantic avenue, and you can see the lights are on. there are a few people out. there are a lot of storm chaser types that love to come out and check it out. but at this point a lot of them are feeling a little disappointed. this has been an economic hit for this community. a lot of tourists, thousands and thousand of them packed up early, took off out of the hotels and this is a big weekend. they have a half marathon down here an the american music festival. they are hoping this comes through and clears ow and just leaves them alone. >> hoping for the best there. now we want to take you to ocean city for a look at the conditions there. scott broom is live with the latest. >> reporter: well, good
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morning, jessica. so far you can feel the tropics in the air. the winds coming in off the ocean. it is not as strong in virginia beach but blowing 15 miles an hour up to 20 miles an hour every now and then and a lot of humidity in the air with that air coming in off the ocean and it feels quite tropical. we know earl's out there, but right now he's not close enough to cause serious problems here in ocean city. so far, this has been an exercise in preparedness here in ocean city. you can see overnight last night these big aluminum gates have been closed on the sea wall. that only happens three or four times here in ocean city. the surf has pushed up a little closer to the sea wall than it normally does but it is not threatening the sea wall or the boardwalk at this time. the big sea wall, built by the corps of engineers in the mid- 90s protects the boardwalk here in ocean city.
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so far it has worked an earl certainly not a threat to that. but as you see no storm chasers here. i guess folks gee up early in ocean city. here they are prepared for the potential of tropical storm conditions. yesterday. the forecast had them thinking they may have tropical storm- force winds blowing up to 30 to 40, maybe even gusts over a 0 miles an hour. -- 50 miles an hour. they are prepared for that here in ocean city and we are waiting to see what earl will bring. we don't think the heaviest winds and the rains that we are expecting will be hitting for another two to three hours or so. and here in ocean city they say they are prepared for any possible cleanup to start immediately this afternoon. they plan to be open for business for this big labor day
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holiday weekend. scott broom, reporting live on the boardwalk in ocean city. back to you. >> check back with you in 30 minutes. stay with wusa 9 and for the latest coverage of earl and you can always down load our free hurricane tracker at just click on weather. 9 news now coverage of hurricane earl will continue after this. when we return, we will take you live to the team that is tracking the storm's progress.
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welcome back, everybody. smooth sailing toward the toll plaza. the next 15 to 20 minutes or so, you won't be able to access the 66 exit. you want to follow the detour. if you are planning to drive this labor day weekend you will have plenty of company. 9.9% more of us will head out for one last summer escape and that's not the only increase you will see. airfares will cost 9% more compared to this time last year. car rentals up 7% an the average hotel stay is up as
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well. a reminder if you plan to ride metro this weekend. five stations will be closed for track and maintenance switching. now they include tacoma, silver spring, glenmont stations. the work a slated to begin tonight at 10:00. the stations should be open by 5:00 on tuesday morning. dmv offices in virginia will be open a little longer. the move is after the computer crash that prevented thousands from renewing their licenses and other important business. systems are up and running. the dmv offices will be open until 6:00 p.m. tonight instead of 5:00. some will close on saturday at 6:00 p.m. instead of noon and they added 20 days to licenses and i.d. cards that expired during the outage. maryland voters can head to the polls today an the arrival of hurricane earl has added to disruptions for travelers. hurricane earl is the top story today. we are watching where he is and where he is going and what it
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means for the holiday weekend. the details on the forecast and how it affects you when 9 news now no
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. welcome back to 9 news now. kristin fischer is joining us live in sterling with more on the role of tracking earl. >> if this room were much more crowded this morning, it would be a very bad thing for the dc baltimore area. right now we only have two meteorologists in here and that's because they really don't see this as being -- they don't see hurricane earl as being a big player just right here in the immediate dc baltimore area. that's the area that these guys are focusing on. an they say they really feel that hurricane earl will not be a big player here. in our specific region. one thing they were worried about is rising levels of water, specifically in the
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potomac and chesapeake bay. an i want to show you something. this is a graph that shows the river levels of the potomac. and i'm putting brian on the spot here. he didn't want to go on camera. i'm going to ask him to any way. can you explain the lines? >> you are looking at the blue line, it is the normal water level. and the top left here is baltimore. so normal level. this is where it is supposed to be under two feet an the red line is actual water level. >> we are not that much higher right now than we would normally be. >> yeah. a little above normal but not too much higher. so we did cancel any flood advisory for that reason. >> no coastal flood advisory in affect an so far so good for the potomac and chesapeake water levels. >> things seem to be working out pretty good an we should be
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okay. >> thank you so much, brian. we will be here all morning long watching them as they track hurricane earl. really, though, they are not doing too much with that right now. they were on the phone with the national hurricane center about 30 minutes ago, and at that point in time they really came to the conclusion that this immediate dc baltimore area was going to be just fine when dealing with hurricane earl. really we want to focus on what bruce leshan will be saying from virginia beach and of course scott broom up in ocean city. jessica. >> thank you, kristin. stay with wusa 9 and for the latest coverage of earl and you can always down load the free hurricane tracker at just click on weather to get it. speaking of weather, howard bernstein has a little good news for us. >> the storm has weakened somewhat overnight an we were always going to be a little too far away. this is a big storm.
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from force winds extending 200 miles from the center. it is not as massive but it is still a big storm an we are far enough away in the washington metro that the impact is minimal here. we have cloud cover from it. closer to home, southern maryland, northern neck a few light showers. we will look at that in a moment. i want to focus on earl for the moment. the big picture is less impressive than yesterday and even though the orange blob you think it is the center of circulation, most of it is blown off to the east as earl is encounters upper level winds that are taking it to the north and east and keeping it just far enough away for the coast for the worst of it. they are getting battered in cape hatteras, and little less in rehoboth and massachusetts will watch out for earl. it will come close but a hurricane warning for southeast mass, than tuck. tropical storm warnings from long island to the virginia,
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north carolina border and of course we have the hurricane warnings here for most of the coast here in north carolina. you go north toward us, tropical storm warnings. they are in affect now. expecting winds in ocean city, gusting 40 to 45 miles an hour. potentially closer to 40 in rehoboth. they are a little farther away. the storm is tracking off shore. you can see the prad circulation and the actual center is out here. you can see these heavy bands of rain hitting hatteras and elizabeth city in to the norfolk region. just between richmond and williamsburg as well and close to us, we have a few light, i want to emphasize light rain showers showing up on live doppler 9000 hd. southern maryland, leonardtown, lusby, saint leonard you may see a few sprinkles here. more in to the northern neck. heavier south to richmond. and even on the eastern shore, here's deal island.
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this could get up to tillman, vienna and easton may get a shower out of this. north an west of this -- i don't think this will get much more -- it might get up to mechanicsville or parts of eastern and southern charles county but for the most part i think the problem is a coastal problem. let's go to the weather computer and talk about the track of earl. earl by the way, a category two. winds yesterday were 145. now they are only 10 a. gusting to 125. the pressure has gone up and the organization has gone down and that's a good thing. we will watch earl as it moves up the coast. by noon passing ocean city, a little further away so the winds won be as strong as ocean city as cape hatteras. tonight, look at this. weakening, winds 90 miles an hour at 8:00 but it will go close to martha's vineyard and cape cod. they have to deal with gusts of hurricane force as well and we watch the storm as it heads to
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southwestern nova scotia there. there could be flooding in the bay of bundy. the water will be pushed northward in to the bay. it has no place to go. remember what isabelle did in the chesapeake, could be similar situation there. our concern level was never as high. isabelle passed west. this one passed east. the bus stop forecast, this morning, cloudy and warm. upper 60s to upper 70s out there maybe 80. the sun is up at 6:39. 5:00 87 degrees. the air quality is moderate, code yellow. on the an early shower. we have a front coming. clearing, breezy, lows in the 80s with a west wind at 10 to 20 and a real good looking start to the weekend once we get rid of earl today.
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breezy and much cooler and west wind of 10 to 20 miles an hour. got a couple of upper 60s. orange, culpeper, martinsburg 70 degrees, manassas, gaithersburg 72. officially 78 but we have a dew point of 66. a heat index of 80 degrees. here's the front to the west. you see the showers and storms? here's earl. this front is helping to kick earl to the north and east and as the front comes through we say good-bye to earl and behind the front sop showers in the mountains but we will cool down significantly over the holiday weekend and looks nice through labor day. the seven-day forecast, 90ish today with mostly cloudy skies near 80 tomorrow and sunday but tomorrow is the breezy day. send looks great. monday looks great, 85. in the low 90s on tuesday and wednesday. maybe if we are lucky a little rain on wednesday an cooler on
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thursday. angie? >> we are nine minutes away from the 5:00 hour. happy friday to you. second, we are dealing with a problem out in virginia. 95 southbound at the backlick road exit. you are losing a left lane but i'm hearing from officials it should be clearing shortly. 4 t 5 in virginia. take it to the maps. from the wilson bridge to 86 moving at speed. show you inbound new york avenue. drivers are moving at a good pace. nice and quiet approaching the third street tunnel. good morning, maryland, 270 southbound from father hurley to the split no major incidents we have a little construction to contend with for the next ten minutes or so at 124 montgomery village avenue and 214, this is east of 301. more roadwork and right now we know it is taking away a right lane. hurricane earl has forced amtrak to cancel some
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southbound trains in virginia today. 88 and 6 -- 66 and 67 will terminate in richmond instead of new port news. amtrak says there will be more changes on saturday. for the first time in maryland history, voters can head to the polls early. statewide early voting begins today. for a full list of early voting sites log on to our website at once there go to local news and then maryland urn the news tab at the top of the front page and you will be able to find answer to frequently asked questions. montgomery county executive isaiah leg get is appearing if what appears to be another term in office. according to the "washington post" he doesn't face an open in the primary on december 14th. he is expected to coast to an easy win due to the
4:53 am
overwellingly democratic population. things will be different for the montgomery county council. analysts expect november's elections to lead to new faces claiming county seats. the washington capitaller in says it is a combination of lack of interest on the part of voter and the lack of big ticket races. on the 18th of the month, voters who cast ballots will choose four candidates if the at-large seats. progress is made during the fist round of talks between israeli and palestinian leaders. and next, havingers in montgomery county continue to search for a key piece of evidence in the discovery building standoff. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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montgomery county police are looking for the car used by james jay lee. officers shot and killed lee after he walked in to the building and took three people hostage. police say he had two guns but they were starter pistols during the search of his home they found and detonated four bombs. those are in addition to the ones found inside the discovery building. as far as his mental state, lee was evaluated when he was arrested for his protest outside of discovery two years ago in he was evaluated by a doctor who found him competent an did not find a meant am health issue that would have prevented him from going to trial or being responsible for his criminal activity. >> reporter: most of the 1900 discovery channel employees are not expected to be back at work until tuesday. the billing is technically
4:57 am
still a crime scene so far the coast guard has been unable to find a leak in the gulf of mexico after a drilling platform explosion and fire yesterday. the flat form located 100 miles off the louisiana coast. 13 workers jumped in the gulf to escape the firearm one was injured. patrick cassidy works for mariner energy which owns the platform. >> mariner has done an initial flyover of the facility and there were no reported chain or -- sheen or oil spill an the facility and we will do another one later today. >> reporter: unlike the b.p. deep water oil rig which exploded an killed 11 in april this is a production platform and only 340 feet under water. the peace talks between israel len the the palestinians are off to a good start. they have agreed to meet again
4:58 am
in two weeks but they are still far apart on many years. -- issues. >> they said the israelis and palestinians made progress in the first day of talks. >> they will work to create an atmosphere of trust that will be conducive to reaching a final agreement. >> reporter: mitchell sat in as secretary of state hillary clinton moderated a fresh round of face to face discussions between netanyahu and abbas. >> you are the leaders who can make this long, cherished dream a reality. >> reporter: both leaders hope they can strike a deal to create two separate states. they have agreed to meet again in two weeks but they are far apart on the years. >> we call on the israeli government to move forward with its commitment to end all settlement activities and completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip.
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>> achieving security is a must. u.s. mediators wouldn't say whether those issues were brought up on thursday but everyone involved knows they will have to be addressed before the conflict can come to anened. whit johnson, cbs news, the state department. angie will have the traffic in a moment. right now been person has a look at the forecast. everyone wants to know about it. >> we are watching earl just off shore it weakened down to a category two storm with winds at 105 miles an hour. but that is off shore. this is live doppler 9000 hd fist. we have light showers here in southern maryland and northern neck. heavier south of tapp

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